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Added documentation for upload options

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......@@ -131,6 +131,20 @@ $client->push($folder)
$file = $folder->upload('/path/to/the/file');
// or:
$file = $folder->upload('/path/to/the/file', 'My Awesome Movie');
// or:
$file = $client->sendFile('My Awesome Movie', '/path/to/the/file', $folder);
// When uploading a big file (by default > 64 MiB), the file is chunked and sent with several requests.
// You can also force this behavior or customize the chunk size:
$folder->upload('/path/to/the/file', 'My Awesome Movie', [
'chunked' => true, // Force the file to be chunked (default: FALSE)
'chunk-size' => 1024*1024, // Chunks size in bytes (default: 64 MiB)
'autochunk' => true, // The file will be chunk if its size exceeds the chunk size (default: TRUE)
// These options are also available on sendFile() command:
$file = $client->sendFile('My Awesome Movie', '/path/to/the/file', $folder, ['chunk-size' => 4*1024*1024]);
// Modify a file
$file->name = 'Q2 meeting';
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